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iVersatile offers agency style consulting services and training to organizations looking to define, build and implement multi-screen brands. We work with exciting businesses looking to expand into mobile, web and proximity marketing with full service technical implementations. We also love to work with retail and enterprise clients… We can define it, design it and build it too!
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Mobile Proximity Marketing

“Proximity marketing refers to the ability to provide customers content, information or data relevant to their location or surroundings”, says Founder Monte Grubb.

iVersatile offers a variety of technical services to area businesses looking to increase market share utilizing technology and the value of the internet. We implement the perfect combination of technical location services, web design, search optimization, social marketing and ad campaigns to grow your business.
We have the experience in designing, developing and launching proximity marketing solutions, mobile applications and deploying technology platforms. We will create a plan, implement and execute in order to get your solution or application to market in a timely and cost-effective manner.
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iOS Passbook(right) and Android eWallet are pre-installed digital tools which allow users to store receivable content such as Digital Coupons, Loyalty Cards, Event Tickets and much more. This tool and downloadable content operate in the background on the device and can utilize device location information.

An iBeacon Solution provides the consumer highly relevant location based information initiated by crossing a geo-fence or entering a particular area of a store. The end result is a highly engaged, loyal and returning consumer for your business.
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What's an iBeacon(left)? Beacons are a bluetooth low energy device which provides geo-based (location) content, direction and/or data to a mobile device. This content/data is then received by a Passbook (iOS), eWallet (Android) or Application ONCE the mobile device crosses an invisible geo-fence. The data from the Beacon is THEN processed by the Passbook/App to produce an action/result for the end user.
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Check out the latest video overview on iBeacons from the WSJ.

Ready to deploy Retail Proximity Applications, digital coupons or iBeacon based solutions,
contact us and we'll get back to you.
iVersatile supports a variety of iBeacon Solutions from Estimote, Kontakt.io, Radius Networks and GemTot (Passkit).

Mobile Applications

We offer a variety of Business and Product Development services to mobile application and cloud platform companies looking to build relationships, gain market-share and increase revenue.

Have an idea, what's your problem definition, go to market strategy and the data validated revenue model? If these are unfamiliar questions or your answers aren't clear, we can help. iVersatile also offers customized training to help your Business and Product staff reach their full potential.

1. iBeacons, Geo-Fencing and Proximity Marketing
2. Inter-Context and Inter-Location Aware Applications
3. Location Base Applications and Services (LBS)
4. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS
5. Mobile Websites and SaaS
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Web Design, Social Marketing and Optimization

Whether it's searching for a local auto-body shop, purchasing a truck load of sand or locating reclaimed wood, people start the purchasing experience using the Internet. Our team can help your business develop a story, create interesting content and integrate data-driven decisions to improve your online identity and business results. We help mobilize main street so you can stand out in the crowd using our skills and expertise.
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iVersatile offers a variety of business and technical services to local businesses looking to increase revenue utilizing the value of the internet. We implement the perfect combination of web design, search optimization, Internet marketing and ad campaign management to expand your business.

iVersatile LLC


Media Consulting services and training tailored for Mobile, Retail, Enterprise and Small Businesses. Serving the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho) and Vancouver, BC. Seattle, Portland, Bellevue, Tacoma, Puyallup, Summer, Lakewood
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